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A Montessori Journey

Montessori Center for Teacher Development (MCTD) is designed to offer an exceptional Montessori teacher training program, taking you on a unique journey into the Montessori community right from the start.

Your journey begins with an on-site observation of an exemplary Montessori classroom prior to enrollment. After an in-depth interview with the MCTD Program Director and acceptance of your application, you will join other Adult Learners seeking their Montessori Early Childhood certification.


During the summer intensive session, childcare is available to accommodate the needs of our Adult Learners with children. From the start, all MCTD Adult Learners have unlimited access to complete Montessori-prepared classrooms for hands-on experience.

Following the Summer Intensive Session, Academic Year seminars will be held approximately one weekend and one or two Wednesdays per month from September through June in Morristown, NJ. Upon completion of the Academic Phase, you will start your Practicum in a fully-equipped classroom under the guidance of experienced Montessori teachers. Guest lecturers round out the program, speaking on topics such as autism, occupational therapy, speech development, sensory disorders, and the most current Montessori and early childhood research.

The Montessori Children’s Academy Family of Schools and Services

The Montessori Children’s Academy Family of Schools and Services (MCAFSS) in New Jersey is the parent company for the Montessori Center for Teacher Development (MCTD). MCAFSS decided to establish MCTD as the next logical step in its growth cycle, after opening three campuses of The Montessori Children’s Academy (MCA) for children 2½ through 6 years old. The educational offerings for children have now grown to include programs for children 18 months through 8th grade (MCA Elementary Program). As part of its plan for further expansion within the Montessori community, MCAFSS introduced a subsidiary company, MCA for Creative Learning that provides speech/language and occupational therapy services. In addition, through its partnership with LEAF Enrichments, MCAFSS also offers enrichment programs for all age groups, while doing so within the framework of the Montessori philosophy.

Throughout its development of schools that provide a full compliment of Montessori offerings, MCAFSS has seen an ever-increasing need for Certified Montessori teachers. The creation of MCTD, was aimed at helping to fill this void by offering a flexible, yet traditional training program of distinction. The Adult Learners who enter the classrooms of MCTD will be taught how to use the tools that were given to us by Dr. Maria Montessori to meet the needs of the ever-changing world of tomorrow.

For more information about MCAFSS and its schools (located in Short Hills, Chatham, and Morristown, NJ) and services, please visit

Our Instructors

The Instructors at the Montessori Center for Teacher Development are all educational professionals, and they come to us with diverse backgrounds, and a wide range of teaching experience. What they all have in common is a passion for teaching, a belief in the Montessori Method, and a desire to make a difference in the way our Adult Learners will be prepared to run their classrooms in the future.They all meet the rigorous standards that have been established by both the American Montessori Society (AMS) and the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) for the areas in which they will be teaching. Most of our Montessori Instructors come to MCTD having taught for many years at one of the campuses operated by The Montessori Children’s Academy.

These Montessori professionals are supported in their teaching endeavors by a group of guest lecturers, all of which are considered leaders in their own fields of expertise. The varied backgrounds these experts bring to the MCTD teacher training program include child development, educational management, and a wide range of child-based therapeutic offerings. These specialists have had a long-term relationship with MCAFSS, and as such, have been specifically chosen for their roles as Instructors for MCTD.

The Montessori teacher training programs of today will need to prepare its Adult Learners for a world that will be far different from the one we are currently experiencing. The basis upon which all MCTD Instructors will educate, must always remain true to the principles outlined by Dr. Maria Montessori. With that said, we must also be willing to incorporate into our teaching program, the ability to adapt to the needs of the children our Adult Learners will ultimately teach. It is this core belief which will become the differentiator between success and failure when it comes to the education of the young minds that will enter future Montessori classrooms.